You can use the “Withdrawn documents” area for your research, to locate and access such documents. You can find this to the left of the main search window.

Use the 5th option, “Withdrawn documents”, under the drop-down menu to the left of the search window to check the current availability of a standard.

Once you have selected a more specific option, the following search fields then appear:

  • Document number: Search using the document designation (e.g. “DIN EN”) and/or the standard number
  • Publication date: Date format YYYY-MM

Enter your search term (e.g. “DIN 1045”) into the field “Document number”. This will return all withdrawn versions of DIN 1045. Click on the document number itself (DIN 1045) to see which document is the current version.

It is possible to gain access to withdrawn DIN and ISO standards, as well as to withdrawn VDI guidelines and DVS technical codes and bulletins.

 The majority of these documents can be ordered online as downloadable documents. Every page of these documents bears a watermark saying “Withdrawn”. And they can all also be acquired on paper.