As soon as you have logged on to the DIN Media webshop, you will receive an overview of all important information and functions on the “Dashboard”:

  • your customer profile,
  • new and unopened downloads,
  • your Standards Ticker subscription,
  • the online library,
  • any DIN Media online services you are subscribed to, and
  • your purchases over the past 13 months.

Links to subscribed online services on the Dashboard

If you have subscribed to an online service, it will also be displayed on the Dashboard of your customer account under the section "Your subscribed online services". Clicking on the link takes you directly to the online service and you will also be already logged on to it.
The date of the last update of the online service is also displayed.

Standards Ticker overview

As a Standards Ticker customer, you can view an overview of your Standards Ticker subscription via the Dashboard. You are shown the following information:

  • subscription number,
  • date of last update and
  • subscription content.

Purchasing history

The Dashboard of the DIN Media webshop also provides you with a quick and convenient overview of the orders you have placed over the past 13 months - the “purchasing history”. There you can view your most recent purchases and sort and filter them by month.