In principle, you can access all documents and e-books from the DIN Media technical book series on a mobile device as well. Where this is possible, it is noted on the detail page on the webshop: 

At present, documents and e-books with Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection cannot be used on mobile devices, or only to a very limited extent. However, our technology partner FileOpen offers a viewer for iOS and Android. The use and usability of the publications is largely dependent on the devices in question.

Such e-books are indicated with the note “Document with DRM”.

Online library for e-books   

As well as downloading e-books as PDFs, they can be read in the Online library . e-book packages and e-books that are bought as part of a multi-user licence can in fact only be accessed through the online library. All books and items that you can see via the online library can also be used on mobile end-devices.