DIN Handbooks, online portals, standards flat rate subscriptions

Beuth Verlag offers a number of products and services giving access to standards at special rates. DIN Handbooks and loose-leaf collections are collections of standards available at a considerably lower price compared to purchasing the standards individually, see Standards Flat Rate.


DIN Media webshop

When you search for a standard on Beuth webshop, any standard included in a collection is indicated by the note "Also available in". This means the standard is available in a DIN Handbook, for example, or on an online service.


DIN Standards repositories

Throughout Germany there are standards "repositories", or libraries, where the public can view standards for free. For more information go to Normen-Infopoints .


The Draft Standards Portal

Draft Standards can be viewed on DIN's German-language Draft Standards Portal: www.entwuerfe.din.de (German only). The portal can also be used to comment on the drafts.


Association portals

Many German associations and Chambers of Commerce have cooperated with DIN and Beuth in setting up Internet portals for their members. These portals provide access to standards in the relevant sector(s) at special conditions, such as www.din-metallbauerhandwerk.de or www.normenportal-architektur.de (German only).