When you subscribe to an online service, you choose one of the following licences: single work station, multi-user (2 to 5 persons), site licence (6 or more persons).

Standards Ticker/info is an information service that does not contain any documents. The information can be used by an unlimited number of persons.

Standards Ticker/doc contains a selected number of documents, for each of which there is a single work station licence. If more than one person needs access to the documents (e.g. via an intranet or the cloud), you will need a network licence for the total number of employees in your company.

This also applies to our standards management solution Nautos. Especially practical: With Nautos you have an automatic licence check - licences are automatically assigned for administrators.

By the way: A network licence is also needed when purchasing individual standards as soon as more than one person has access to the document (e.g. via the intranet or the cloud).