Please try downloading it again. You can do this by clicking on “Download orders” in the navigation bar. Your download orders will be available for 35 business days, no matter what!

We transfer data using either the ftp protocol or the http protocol. Numbers of standards (document identifiers) and titles of publications are transferred using the http protocol. This protocol reacts sensitively to the slightest network glitches. If this happens to you, try downloading with ftp. If this doesn’t work, it may be that downloading via this protocol is blocked on your computer. You will need to contact your IT dept. in this case,

and they will need this information: “Beuth Verlag is transferring FTP data using the main port, Port 21”. We allow the active and passive transfer and receipt of data via ftp. This means that our computer dictates which port is used or makes a suggestion.

You can check yourself whether your computer’s connection with our ftp server (using Windows) is working or not. To do this, go to Start and enter the following command: ftp 

(confirm with "OK" then click "Exit" to leave the DOS interface)

 If the connection is working, this message will show: "Connected to"