Online service

An Online services contains the most important standards in an industry or field of work, selected by a specialist editorial team (often in collaboration with professional associations) and at a particularly favourable price. An online service is the right choice when:

  • You work with a manageable number of thematically related standards.
  • You want to access the documents on different devices.
  • The frequency of the updates (usually quarterly) is suitable for you.

In addition to the Basic version of every online service there is also a Pro version. The Pro version is recommended when:  

  • You want to work faster and more efficiently with standards, for example you want to:
    1. Highlight all the requirements in the text
    2. Compare versions
    3. Share and comment on documents
  • Save documents as PDF files or print them out



Standards Ticker 

With Standards Ticker you decide yourself which standards you want to keep track of. As soon as a new draft or a new version is published, we will inform you by e-mail (Standards ticker/info) or send you the new edition at the same time as the information (Standards ticker/doc).




Nautos is our open solution for professional standards management (including your company standards) With Nautos you can find, record, request and monitor documents.

  • With the extensive search function, you can quickly find the document you need in over 2.6 million data records from more than 300 publishers of technical rules. 
  • A monthly (weekly, in the case of DIN Standards) update ensures that you are informed of every change (new version, new draft, withdrawal).
  • New in 2024: Transfer standards content to your RMS (requirements management system) via the ReqIF format.
  • Nautos can be combined with Standards Ticker/doc: Decide which documents you really need. Once a new version is published, it will be automatically integrated into Nautos.


Further information can be found here.

BEST Collection


The BEST Collection (DIN Media Standard Collection) contains the complete set of rules of a technical rule publisher or all documents of a specific ICS group, depending on your selection. Examples: All VDIs or all standards within ICS 91/93 (Construction and civil engineering) For the BEST Collection service you need a Nautos subscription.



Information on licences

When more than one person wants to work with a standard, you need a network licence. This is the case, for example, if your representative needs access to the document or if it is stored on an intranet or in the cloud. The fee for a network licence is calculated according to the number of employees in your company (overview).

Exception: For our online services, we offer reasonably priced multi-user licences (2 to 5 people) or site licences (6 or more people).